Belly Binding

Taking care of yourself never felt so good.

A Doulas of Asheville postpartum belly binding session is a wonderful add-on to doula or placenta encapsulation services or as stand-alone support.

Women who have given birth surgically and vaginally have reported many benefits from this traditional abdominal wrapping in the days and weeks following birth. Some of the reported benefits include: reduced postpartum bleeding, the uterus returning to its pre-pregnancy size more quickly, facilitating the return of a flatter tummy, a comforting feeling of closure and support, and as an aid in the recovery of stretched and/or separated abdominal muscles.

Doulas of Asheville belly binding sessions last up to two hours and take place in the comfort of your home. A binding cloth and written instructions for how to wrap yourself following your private session are included. While wrapping you, your doula will show you (and a partner if you choose) how to wrap yourself. She’ll leave you with a binding cloth and written instructions, so you won’t have to remember it all! Binding sessions can also serve as mini postpartum doula visits, as your binding specialist is also a postpartum doula.

If you'd like additional binding sessions, we can create a custom package for you that includes multiple visits from your Doulas of Asheville belly binding specialist.

Belly binding wraps are also available for purchase without the belly binding service. Contact us for information on the style/colors of wraps available as our stock changes frequently.