We're so glad you've found Doulas of Asheville as you search for your family's perfect doula. Whether you are looking for support during your pregnancy, birth, or your postpartum recovery, we are confident that our professional doulas will be able to support your family in the way that's exactly right for you

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I felt very comfortable with Christine and Elizabeth from the first time I met them. Their presence put me at ease, and I knew that if I had a question or problem, they’d be available to help. I can’t imagine pregnancy, labor, and childbirth without them.
— CC

First, we listen:

Whether you are looking for private childbirth education or newborn care classes, birth doula, postpartum doula, overnight baby care, or placenta encapsulation, hypno-doula, or postpartum belly binding services, working with Doulas of Asheville begins with a phone call. During our conversation, we will listen to you and get an understanding for the support you are looking for and the goals you wish to achieve. We’ll then match you with the right professionals from our agency to meet your unique needs. We're here for you whether you are planning well ahead of your baby's arrival, or your baby is with you already and you're finding yourself in need of some extra support. 

Then, we meet:

After your initial phone call with Doulas of Asheville, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the doula(s) we have chosen to support you to ensure a perfect match prior to signing a contract with us. Birth doula clients are matched with a team of two doulas, postpartum doula  clients may be supported by one or more doulas depending on number of hours and type of support desired. Doulas of Asheville childbirth classes are taught by co-owner Elizabeth Pauley, a Registered Nurse and certified doula. Birth and/or postpartum doula clients who are also choosing placenta encapsulation or belly binding typically have this service provided by their birth or postpartum doula. If you haven’t hired us for your birth or postpartum support, don’t worry! We also provide placenta encapsulation throughout the western North Carolina through our team of expert Postpartum Placenta Specialists as a stand-alone service.

When you meet with your doulas, you’ll be able to focus on building a relationship knowing that all Doulas of Asheville affiliated doulas have been through a rigorous screening process and all meet our agency's expectation of excellence. All Doulas of Asheville doulas have been trained by international doula certifying organizations, have First Aid/CPR certification, and are insured. We've curated a team of experienced, nurturing professionals that is committed to supporting growing families on their terms.  

We are confident in our doulas’ ability to serve every individual or family with professionalism, reliability, and compassion.


Through it all, we support:

At Doulas of Asheville, postpartum doula and birth doula services are truly supportive. We understand that birth and the transition to life with new babies are vulnerable, powerful, and tender times. This truth takes many forms and has different meanings to the people experiencing it. We respect your individuality and sovereignty, so we do not impose a personal bias or agenda onto your experience. Instead, we help to create and maintain a safe and loving environment in which you feel comfortable, supported, and confident as you adjust to life with your new baby(ies).


I remember the times I hired Doulas of Asheville as happy blurs - when I was able to get some sleep, to allow my body to relax and recover, to bond with my baby, and to know that everything (and everybody) else was taken care of.

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