Asheville Birth Doula Services

Compassion, professionalism, and exceptional support your way.

Doulas of Asheville birth doulas trust that our clients know what's best for their families. Our job is to help you feel supported and cared for as you work towards your personal goals. No matter what. If you already know what you want for your birth, we will help you achieve those goals. If you're overwhelmed by the process, the information, all the "what-ifs" - we'll help you craft your vision and support you as you achieve it. 

We know that welcoming your baby can be a time filled with uncertainty. we're honored to be present with you to help bring calm, confidence, and joy to your unique birth experience. 

Whether you hire us the moment you learn you are expecting a baby or after your due date has come and gone, we're here for you around-the-clock unconditionally.

Doulas of Asheville Birth Support Options

signature Support

Team of two doulas on-call 24/7 from contract signing. (Two prenatal appointments. Labor/Birth support. Two postpartum appointments.)

Our signature partnership model provides the ultimate in professional birth doula support. Both your doulas will serve as your personal pregnancy and birth confidants. You'll have access to their skilled and knowledgable support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and early adjustment to life with your newborn.

Your doulas will share an on-call calendar, and when it's time to meet your baby, the doula on call from your team will be by your side.  

After your baby's birth, you'll have visits from each doula at your birth place and/or your home to visit with you and hear how your transition to life with your new baby is going. 

Solo Doula

One doula (with agency backup) on-call 24/7 from contract signing. (One prenatal appointment. Labor/Birth support. One postpartum appointment.)

Solo doula packages include all the personalized, knowledgeable support of our partnership model, but with one assigned doula in place of a pair. Your doula is on-call for you and available to you at all times to answer questions and calm any concerns. 

These packages include one prenatal appointment, in-person support during your birth, and one postpartum appointment. Additional prenatal or postpartum visits may be added for an additional fee. 

In the rare event your assigned doula is not available when you request birth support, another Doulas of Asheville doula will be provided in her place. 

Birth Only

Doula support for your birth only. Prenatal phone call with agency owner. Birth support from one of our doulas. Postpartum phone call from your attending doula. 

Doulas of Asheville offers support for families in the Asheville area who want a doula-assisted birth without the ongoing prenatal & postpartum support included in our comprehensive doula packages.

"Birth Only" support must be booked in advance in order to guarantee doula support during your birth.

on-call/last minute doula

Our on-call doulas' availability is limited each month.  We do everything we can to accommodate last-minute requests if you find yourself looking for an extra set of skilled, compassionate hands while you are in labor. Contact us to arrange for last-minute support today. 828-222-0446.

If you are like most families considering support for their pregnancy and birth, you probably have a lot of questions! We're here to listen to your situation and concerns and help you envision how our support can help. Use the above link to skip right ahead to booking a complimentary, no-obligation phone call with one of our owners. 

What Do Birth Doulas Actually DO??


If you've made it this far, you've probably realized a few things doulas most certainly aren't. We aren't midwives or nurses, and in fact maintain a strictly non-medical support role. So what will your doula actually do? What value will s/he bring to your experience?

Doulas are experts in birth and all the variations of normal it may take, and we're also experts in attuning to the needs of diverse individuals. We know how to anticipate a person's needs and meet them before they even know to ask.

We're the person bringing you a sip of water at exactly the right moment. We're providing counter pressure on your lower back to help you manage your contractions. We're engaging you and your partner in conversation to distract you as your medical team prepares you for surgery. We're staying present with you while your partner has a moment to grab a bite to eat or check in with family members on your progress. We are your ever-present and unwavering cheerleader and guide, solely and unconditionally focused on helping you have a positive experience during your birth - regardless of your individual choices

While our training involves learning about the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, childbirth, and the immediate postpartum time, our real value lies in our ability to listen to our clients, validate feelings and concerns, facilitate communication between our clients and their medical care providers. Your doula's skill and expertise combined with her reassuring, nurturing presence can make the difference between an experience that feels scary, confusing, or traumatic to feeling calm, supported, and positive.

I will never forget leaning my head on my husband’s chest while Christine massaged my back. Both he and I felt incredibly supported by her, she added such a calming presence to our birth.

My husband is the best partner I could ask for, but I wanted a woman who knows about birth and labor to be there as well. My husband also REALLY enjoyed having a doula. He was very intimidated by childbirth, and he was afraid of feeling helpless. He loved having someone else there to help him take care of me.
— Carrie

Your Birth. Your Goals. Our Support.

Our Doulas of Asheville birth doulas are proud to offer knowledgeable, skilled, support attuned to your needs and desires. We are 100% committed to providing unwavering, unbiased, and unconditional support for your wishes and goals, whatever they may be.

Epidural / Unmedicated / Cesarean / VBAC / TOLAC / Adoption / Surrogacy / Childbirth Hypnosis / Undecided... and everything in-between.

You decide what's best for your family, and we support you in achieving it.

Contact us to talk about your needs and desires and how Doulas of Asheville can support you. Or schedule a phone call with one of our owners.