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We are honored to offer Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting Support and Education that's perfect for all sorts of families with all sorts of goals - especially yours.

Through all the twists and turns you may encounter as you welcome a new baby to your family, we are singularly and unconditionally focused on one common goal: 


Whether you are awaiting your baby's arrival, or adjusting to life with your little one(s), our team of experienced, compassionate, professional doulas can help ease your transition. We're proud to offer the very best in modern, evidence-based, judgement-free education and support as your family grows.


Modern childbirth education & newborn care classes. All the information you want to feel prepared and confident about your birth & adjustment to parenting - without any bias about what's right for you and your family.

Knowledgeable, compassionate, and unconditional support throughout your pregnancy and birth. Bringing peace of mind and a calming presence to your birth experience.

Feel calm, confident, and supported as you adjust to life with your new baby (or babies!) Our nurturing experts in all things new parent and new baby are here for you day and night.

Enhance your postpartum recovery with this modern take on an age-old tradition - safely & expertly prepared by our specialists in your home. Available as an add-on or stand-alone service throughout WNC.

Doulas of Asheville’s care is a very specific blend of fabulous: it is steeped in compassion, with zero edges of “judginess” and is combined with breath-taking competence, attention to detail, and ability to listen and improvise as needed. I’ve worked with 3 of your doulas, and while each brought her own personality, all were capable, confident, and experienced.
— MH


Imagine feeling calm, confident, and unconditionally supported as you welcome your baby and adjust to your new normal.


Consider us your personal confidant and concierge - your dedicated guide through your unique journey.



Doulas of Asheville is owned and operated by Christine Robinson and Elizabeth Pauley. Together this Certified Doula/Labor & Delivery Nurse pair has carefully curated a team of professional doulas to support WNC families looking for the absolute best in pregnancy, birth, and post-baby support.

Doulas of Asheville co-owners Christine (left) and Elizabeth (right).

Doulas of Asheville co-owners Christine (left) and Elizabeth (right).


Doulas of Asheville birth doulaspostpartum & infant care doulas, and educators are here for you unconditionally. Through birth, surrogacy, or adoption, we help parents and other caregivers feel calm, confident, and supported through what can be a challenging time.

Regardless of your goals, preferences, parenting style, age, sex, gender identity or expression, race, religion, or family composition - we are committed to supporting you, your way.








"Elizabeth is very pleasant and her calm manner helped to put everyone at ease, making it easy for me to trust her with my children. Her helpful advice on all things baby was greatly appreciated! Twins aren’t easy to take care of and she exceeded expectations!” - MB  


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