Placenta Encapsulation

A postpartum supplement safely and expertly prepared in your home.

More and more women are turning to placenta encapsulation to improve their chances of having a smoother postpartum transition. Improved energy, nutrient replenishment, increased milk supply, and reduced risk of postpartum depression are among the reasons many women choose to have their placentas encapsulated into supplement form.

At Doulas of Asheville, placenta encapsulation is provided by Postpartum Placenta Specialists. These skilled professionals are trained to safely transform your placenta into capsules you can consume, just like a daily multi-vitamin, and are also experts in supporting postpartum mothers and newborns.

Our basic placenta encapsulation service includes your CAPSULES and an umbilical CORD KEEPSAKE (keepsake provided when possible and if desired). 

Doulas of Asheville placenta services are provided by the only Postpartum Placenta Specialists (a ProDoula designation) in western North Carolina. 

Our core values of professionalism, reliability, and safety guide our process. Doulas of Asheville placenta encapsulation clients receive a transportation kit and clear instructions for how to safely bring your placenta home from your place of birth. Your Doulas of Asheville placenta specialist will come to your home at your convenience to provide the encapsulation service. You decide when you’d like us to come. Some families prefer to have the process started before they even leave the hospital, many like us to wait until they are home so they get the full benefit of our in-home postpartum support while we work.


All our Doulas of Asheville placenta specialists maintain the highest standards for the safe handling of your placenta, including certification in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens and Universal Precautions.

While we work, you can rest assured knowing that your one and only placenta is in the very best hands… and that your kitchen will be left fully sanitized and spotless when we are done.


With Doulas of Asheville, placenta encapsulation Services are provided in your home exclusively, and we do this for a few very important reasons:


You are always in possession of your placenta, leaving no room for doubt that the pills you consume are from your own placenta and that it was properly stored and handled;

Your placenta is only exposed to your own environment with no risk of cross-contamination with another client's placenta being processed in the same space, or the unknown environment of your encapsulators’ home or workspace;

Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists are also postpartum doulas! You get the added benefit of their caring and compassionate expertise in your home for two consecutive days shortly following your birth.

Observe as much (or as little!) as you wish, and benefit from a mini postpartum doula visit while your Postpartum Placenta Specialist completes the service. We'll leave you with a beautiful package containing your capsules and a meticulously cleaned and sanitized kitchen.

When you hire Doulas of Asheville, placenta encapsulation is much more than purchasing a jar of pills. We provide a one-of-a-kind service in the privacy and comfort of your home as you rest, recover from birth, and bond with your new baby. 


Placenta Tinctures & Salves



Doulas of Asheville also offers long-lasting tinctures and healing herbal salves as an add-on to encapsulation. Placenta tinctures are long-lasting solutions made by infusing your dehydrated and ground placenta in alcohol over a number of weeks. While you'll consume all your placenta capsules in the immediate weeks and months following your birth, a tincture will last for many months and even years. Women choosing to have a placenta tincture made use it at times of stress or change (like the return of your cycle, weaning from breastfeeding, and even menopause).


Placenta Salves are an herbal salve infused with your placenta. Lavender, comfrey, and calendula are combined with some of your dehydrated placenta powder and infused in a blend of oils. We then strain the herbs and placenta powder from the oil, leaving you a healing salve that can be used topically on most any skin irritation - including surgical incisions or your recovering perineum. 

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