Asheville Childbirth Education

Private, Semi-Private, and Small Group Classes

When it comes to preparing for your child's birth, we know you have options. We also know you're probably just about DONE with hearing (or feeling) judgement from every friend, family member, internet acquaintance, and perfect stranger you run into. But you still want to be informed and prepared so you can make the best choices for you and your family. Take a deep breath, we've got you covered!

Our modern childbirth education curriculum is built on evidence-based information and is not biased towards any choices you may face during your birth or early parenting. 


This is not your mom's Lamaze class! We cover it all, so you feel prepared and confident welcoming your baby whether completely unmedicated or with the support of an epidural, vaginally or by cesarean, and whether you know exactly what you want for your birth or you're planning to wing it. 

We offer classes in multiple formats to suit your unique needs. We can bring our curriculum and materials to your home for a private or semi-private class, and we also offer small group classes at Nest Organics downtown. 

We are here to help you plan and prepare for the kind of birth and postpartum experience YOU want. 

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About the Instructors

Doulas of Asheville private & semi-private childbirth classes and newborn care classes are taught by Elizabeth Pauley, a Labor & Delivery Nurse with more than a decade of experience caring for new parents and babies. Group classes are co-taught by Elizabeth and her partner/co-owner Christine Robinson. Christine is a Certified Doula and Certified Happiest Baby Educator.

Elizabeth & Christine will be your personal confidants and guides, taking the time you need to answer your questions, calm your concerns, and help you feel prepared and confident as you give birth and bring your baby home.


Your Doulas of Asheville Birth Class or Baby Basics Class May Include Any of the Following Topics:

Identifying Your Birth or Postpartum Goals and Preferences (and Communicating Them With Your Partner)

Review Your Hopes, Wishes, and Local Options

Create a Written Birth and/or Postpartum Plan

Common Pregnancy Discomforts

Prenatal Nutrition

Review of Standard Protocols at Your Birthing Location

Common Testing During Pregnancy

Anatomy of Labor & Birth

What to Expect During an Unplanned or Planned Cesarean Birth

Fetal Position During Pregnancy and Birth

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

The Labor Process, Including Labor Stages and Phases

Signs of Labor

Ways to Cope During Early Labor

Trial of Labor After Cesarean (TOLAC) and Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Preparing for A Planned Cesarean Birth

Non-Medical Pain Relief

Physical Comfort Measures

Medical Pain Relief

Positions for Labor and Birth


The Welcoming Hour


Bringing Baby Home! Planning Your Ideal Postpartum Experience

Breastfeeding and/or Bottle-Feeding Basics

Infant Care Basis

Nursery Setup & Baby Product Guidance