Meet Elizabeth B.

Birth Doula | Postpartum Doula | herbalist

Elizabeth is a DONA International and Madriella trained birth and postpartum doula. She also practices herbalism, flower essence therapy, and aromotherapy. Elizabeth has been a professional doula in the Asheville area for nearly ten years and has experience supporting families through all types of births. She also leads the Western North Carolina Cesarean and VBAC Support Group.

How did you decide to become a doula?

Life decided to help me with the choice of becoming a professional doula by signing me up for my first doula training, I was hooked. I had been searching for an unbiased way to support growing families and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and unconditional support with every client I work with.  

What's your favorite way to spend a day off?

Canoeing or hiking with my family followed by sharing a good meal with family and friends.

If you could take a month long trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Fiji. I have spent a few long layovers there and fell in love with the people, culture, and beauty of the Island.

Doulas of Asheville affiliated doula, Elizabeth, with her family.

Doulas of Asheville affiliated doula, Elizabeth, with her family.

Doulas of Asheville affiliated doula, Elizabeth.

Doulas of Asheville affiliated doula, Elizabeth.

You have a whole weekend to binge watch TV, what's on your list? 

I flip between nature documentaries, any shows showing beauty or love... and any crime scene series.

Tell us something about yourself that we may be surprised to learn.  

I spent many of my younger years as a synchronized swimmer. (I’m working on starting a Asheville Synchronized Swimming Club for all of your entertainment.)

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