Is this Behavior Normal?

Every baby is different, so it can be challenging to find what is normal for your newborn.

Why does my baby cry all day? Are they eating enough? Are they eating too much? Why won't my baby sleep? Why hasn't my baby pooped yet?! 


You've heard it before, "every baby is different". But now you're experiencing lots of new (and often hard) things. Where do you turn? Google is often a first stop. If you've ever gone down the rabbit hole of self-diagnosis on the internet, you know not many good things come from a Google search. 

When you have a postpartum doula by your side as you transition home with a new baby, you can always be confident you're getting the answers and education you need, and a helping hand with all of life's hiccups. 

Newborn care is just plain exhausting.

Your postpartum doula is there to help you get the mental and physical break you need each day. We're here for you, no matter your parenting style. 

Your doula is there to help you navigate every question you have from the moment you bring your new baby home until you get the hang of things. 

Every baby and every family is different and these differences are a huge stress on new parents. These little amazing creatures stress us when they do too little or too much of anything, its normal to feel exhausted and worried that something is wrong.

We can help you figure out what "normal" means for you, as no baby fits the exact developmental timeline or milestone as another. 

As your Doulas, we are here to comfort and support. 

Your doula team is the backup in your home to manage the chaos of a new baby and help teach you new parents about everything you may be unsure of. 

Let us help you relax and assure you, You've got this.

We can't keep you from worrying about your newborn and if their habits are normal, because parents worry and we know this! Our doulas are there to take some of the worry off your plate.

With the extra help around the house, parents can have more time to do some of the important things like bond and play with their new baby. 

Don't waste valuable time worrying or stressing about normal. 

Normal is relative.

The postpartum transition isn't easy, so we aim to make it easier. 

Christine Robinson

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