You Don't Need a Birth Plan!

...but this handy dandy free printable guide can help you think through your own preferences and foster a dialogue with your provider about your birth goals and options. 

5 Reasons to Hire a Doula

You've heard of doulas but aren't quite sure why you'd want to hire one. Here are 5 reasons lots of people hire birth doulas for their birth or postpartum doulas to help with the adjustment to life with babies at home:

Surviving the Final Days of Waiting for Baby

Final days or weeks of pregnancy got you feeling like April the Giraffe? We feel ya! For so many expectant parents, it's like those last days before baby slow to a crawl and everyone in your life has swapped "hello!" for "are you still pregnant?!"

10 Ways To Spend Your Last Days of Pregnancy In & Around Asheville

The last month of pregnancy. This is where being pregnant is no longer 'fun' and many moms-to-be become impatient. It is easy to find yourself looking at the clock wondering 'When is this baby going to come?!' Here's our list of top 10 ways to keep your mind busy in the last month of pregnancy...

Not "That" Kind Of Doula

Not "That" Kind Of Doula

It's Day 3 of the World Doula Week Blog Challenge, and today’s prompt is to address a common doula stereotype. We had such a hard time with this one because there are so many! So let’s just call out a few to get past them…

The "Doulas of Asheville" Difference

The "Doulas of Asheville" Difference

We know that choosing the right doula for your family is a big decision and we’re happy to make your decision a little easier by offering the highest level of service. Here’s just a few things that make Doulas of Asheville unique: