Top 5 Reasons Families Hire Postpartum Doulas (and 3 reasons they don't!)

LOTS of folks are still not aware of the role Postpartum Doulas play. And why are folks hiring help for their post-birth recovery and adjustment anyway?! Well, I'm glad you asked ;)

When Your Baby HATES to be Swaddled...

So you have a new baby. Congrats! You're suddenly immersed in snuggles and sweetness and ooey-gooey adorable baby sounds and smells..... oh, and probably also seemingly constant fussiness and your baby's desire to sleep only when held, am I right?!

5 Reasons to Hire a Doula

You've heard of doulas but aren't quite sure why you'd want to hire one. Here are 5 reasons lots of people hire birth doulas for their birth or postpartum doulas to help with the adjustment to life with babies at home:

Surviving the Final Days of Waiting for Baby

Final days or weeks of pregnancy got you feeling like April the Giraffe? We feel ya! For so many expectant parents, it's like those last days before baby slow to a crawl and everyone in your life has swapped "hello!" for "are you still pregnant?!"

Getting Your Dog Ready for Baby

Getting Your Dog Ready for Baby

While you may be expecting your first human baby, if you're like a lot of new parents you already have a "fur baby" at home.  Making a plan for helping your dog adjust to your baby as part of your postpartum plan can really help make the transition home with your newborn go more smoothly. 

5 Tips for Coping with Sleep Deprivation

5 Tips for Coping with Sleep Deprivation

If you have a new baby at home (or even a toddler or preschooler!) you have probably forgotten what it's like to go to sleep when you are tired and wake up on your own feeling well-rested. So what's a new parent to do? We have some tips!

Placenta To-Go?? We Don't Think So...

Placenta To-Go?? We Don't Think So...

Look. We love delivery as much as anyone - especially while adjusting to life with a new baby! But when it comes to your one and only placenta, we have to draw the line. 

A Few of Our Favorite Things; Holiday Wish List for (Tired) Parents

Wondering what to get for the new parents in your life? As postpartum experts, we can assure you "better sleep" is at the top of their list. You're probably thinking its impossible to give the gift of better sleep, but there's definitely a few gadgets on our wishlist that can make a big difference in the sleep quality of new parents. 

Is this Behavior Normal?

Why does my baby cry all day? Is my baby getting enough to eat? Am I overfeeding my baby? Why won't my baby sleep? Why hasn't my baby pooped?! You've heard it before, "every baby is different". But now you're experiencing lots of new (and often hard) things. Where do you turn? 

Bassinets, and Judgement, and Safe Sleep Guidelines, OH MY!

Bassinets, and Judgement, and Safe Sleep Guidelines, OH MY!

If you're a new(ish) parent, you've probably seen posts about the new SNOO Smart Sleeper by now. In a nutshell, it's a beautifully designed, high-tech sleeper that promises to help you and your baby sleep better. It "listens" to your baby's cries, responding with gentle rocking movements and white noise to soothe your baby back to sleep. Baby is soothed back to sleep, parents get to keep resting... sounds like a win-win! Right?! 

When will I feel normal again?

Even if you felt fully prepared to welcome a new baby into the mix, there's a lot of questions that you might find yourself missing the answers to now that your baby is here. One of the best parts of our job as postpartum doulas is helping new parents feel confident as they navigate postpartum life. Let's get you some of the answers you need.

Will my baby ever sleep through the night?!

We get it mom and dad, you're feeling exhausted. When you bring home your newborn, it's difficult to get a sleep pattern under control. The whole household gets a little disrupted during this new transition and it's normal to be operating on a whole new level of tired.

Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding can be a big transition for many moms, but there are a few basic supplies that can lend a helping hand and bring some comfort to the process. Click through to see what we recommend you have on hand (and one item you may want to hold off on)...

Postpartum Depression Awareness

Bringing home a new baby can be stressful for any mother and it's normal to feel a little overwhelmed. Sometimes this stress takes a darker turn and manifests into Postpartum Depression, a serious illness that is as misunderstood as it is common. So what's normal and when/how should you seek help?


Back to School Means Recess for Mom

When your kids head back to school this fall, take the opportunity to catch up on a little bit of self care with some of your new-found kid-free time. After all, it's pretty exhausting being a mom. And self care is as much about maintenance as it is a luxury. 

Surprise Gifts for Postpartum Moms

Give the postpartum mom in your life a surprise gift to lift her spirits and reward all the hard work she's done in the past year to welcome her new baby into the family. Click through to see some of our favorite suggestions...