Pinterest Fails Aren't Failures

Mothers are held to high expectations everyday and the holidays are of course no different. 

Anyone who has ever scrolled through Pinterest out of curiosity (or intent) has seen their fair share of recipes and projects that seem easy enough to tackle on your own. 

Well the key word is definitely "seem."


Some of us are able to take a jar and twine and make you a table lamp, others have a hard time remembering all the ingredients in those "too cute" DIY gifts for teachers. 

But it's okay. Seriously. 

Pinterest pros make it all look so easy, leading moms to believe we can decorate cupcakes like a Food Network special and set a holiday table like Martha Stewart. This kinda sets us up for failure, but that doesn't seem to crush our spirits which is at the very least something to celebrate.

Excuse us while we cry over our sad excuse for a holiday centerpiece that was more time consuming and costly than we want to admit. Have you ever tried to get glitter out of a carpet?

Not our proudest moment. 

While up to our bellybuttons in sparkles, mason jars and Crockpot dinners, it's easy to lose touch of what should be our big priority this holiday season. 

Moms get so caught up on trying to make everything in their home Pinterest perfect for the holidays that we forget to relax and spend some time with family. 

It's one thing to give new things a try, we encourage that!

Remember, it's not the mountain... it's the climb.

Tackle some Pinterest projects for fun and if they go wrong, you can at least say you enjoyed the process of being creative with your little ones. Change up DIY projects to add a little personal flare and you'll be less concerned that it doesn't come out picture-perfect. 

Whether your holiday dinner is 6 courses made from scratch, semi homemade, a catered event or just a plain ol' Pinterest failure, it's the holidays! It wouldn't be the holiday season if nothing went wrong. 

Moms, you work hard every day out of the year so you've earned the opportunity to cut a few corners to take some stress off the holidays. There's no harm done in keeping the holidays simple, after all why make things more complicated for yourself? 

Your relatives aren't looking to be impressed, they would rather spend time with you when you aren't crying that you burnt the pie you meticulously latticed with individual cut out leaves of puff pastry.

Even if it did look basically like the picture before you put it in the oven. 

Take a step back from all the overwhelming expectations we hold ourselves to and just enjoy the simple pleasures of the holidays this year, and the company of our amazing families. 

Christine Robinson

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