Tis' the Season to Get New Toys

Ahh...Christmas. You know,  "the most wonderful time of the year" (or something like that!)

For many of us, the holiday season is the chance to reconnect with relatives and get the opportunity to spread a little cheer. But if you ask your kids what the best part about the holiday season is, they'll tell you it's all about the TOYS.

There's something about this time of year that makes parents feel a little bit nostalgic, and we're all guilty of buying toys that even we want to play with.

They just come out with such cool stuff!

Even if your kids are older, sometimes you just cant resist and you'll find a reason to pick up some fun toys and gifts for friends or family. 

But what do they not have already?

Christmas Wish list (and Inventory)

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the "stuff" as the holidays are approaching, make a conscious effort to make note of the toys your kids play with most often and the ones they might have outgrown. Make a list of toys that you know your children (and you) would love to see under the tree. We personally love making lists on Amazon and giftster that can be shared with friends and family who are asking for ideas. They can choose from the list and no matter what, everyone is happy. It's like having a convenient Christmas registry. 

The easier it gets to pick out cool toys the more they pile up! All this cool stuff and nowhere to put it. 

Gift holidays like Christmas and birthdays can leave your house filled to the brim with different toys, many of which your kids have only played with once. If you've had a child for at least a whole year, your home is likely full of toys. Some of these trinkets and gadgets we could definitely live without, particularly the ones with tons of pieces and make loud, repetitious noises. 

Somehow we keep collecting and never quite get rid of anything, so the toys are taking over.

Help! My family is a bunch of toy hoarders!

Feeling overwhelmed?

Give the Gift of Adventure

So we have a lot of "stuff" and sometimes its nice to be gifted a little something different. Try giving your kids tickets to an event or surprising them with a vacation to look forward to. Tickets take up a minimal amount of space and won't build up any more clutter in your playroom. Museums, shows, the arboretum and other local events even offer discounted rates for holiday season gifting, making it even easier to break free from the toy-giving cycle.

Gift With Their Hobbies in Mind 

If your kids play sports or have an after school activity they enjoy, why not give them some gifts that they can use for something constructive and productive? This way, you'll know your gifts will get put to good use and won't pile up in the toy box. Plus your kids will feel great knowing you took the time to think outside the box and nurture their passion

The season isn't completely about giving, but it's undeniably a big part of our culture. 

The idea is to create a balance of awesome toys you and your kids can play with together and new experiences to make some memories that will last. 

So play on! 



Christine Robinson

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