Ways You're Already Winning at Parenthood This Year

With 2017 underway, it's easy to get caught up in resolutions and self-criticism. 

It's also easy to feel like you aren't "exceptional" at this whole parenthood thing, but you're actually doing a lot better than you think. In fact, you're Supermom (or dad!) and you prove it every day!

There's plenty of tiny parenthood victories that we don't think twice about.

While we work hard to keep those resolutions for the new year ahead, we're raising a glass to all the moments that you shone a little brighter already this year. 

Tear-Free Errands

Every time you survive a routine shopping trip with the kids and you arrive and depart without a single tear shed (from you or your kids) is a success in our book. You not only arrived at the store with no drama but you shopped successfully without a fight. Bonus points if it was without bribery and double bonus points if you stuck to your carefully assembled shopping list. Doubters should fear you, you are unstoppable. 

Mastering the Art of the Impulse Purchase

Okay so we all make impulse buys. This year you not only resisted the urge to purchase more cute throw pillows for the bed, but you compromised and got a practical pair of jeans instead. Points for practicality and double points for staying within the budget. You are an incredible master of finances and that's worthy of a celebration!

Your Toddler Ate Dinner

Can we get a Hallelujah?!

Okay so you made a meal that would make Ina Garten blush and your toddler actually ate it. Not only did your little one eat the meal you made for them, but they finished it! You are a culinary wizard and have pleased your most ruthless critic. What an achievement! This deserves a gold medal, a trophy and your own prime time special on the Food Network. See you on Chopped.

Disregarding the Haters

Another day of "helpful" friends, family, and perfect strangers giving you unsolicited parenting advice. But on this particular occasion, you let it roll off your back instead of seething about it all day! You're making some real progress now. After all, no sense crying over a dropped pacifier. Your mom always said "those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" and you were able to practice that good word with graceful elegance. Sounds like all those days with your judgement-free doula put a little pep in your step and gave you the confidence to parent however you see best.

Multiple Nap Time

Remember that one time you navigated nap time without any disagreements or complaints from your little ones? And all those little ones fell asleep at the same exact time?! That's incredible, now it's time to revel in your SuperMom or SuperDad status. (After your own nap of course.)

Every day that goes smoother than usual, where you've banished stress and rocked your to-do list should be celebrated. 

It's not every day that everything works out so nicely and parenting has it's fair share of hiccups. Take the time to reward yourself and celebrate at all these miniature achievements that make you an incredible mom.

We're proud of you, SuperMoms and SuperDads, and you should be too. 

Christine Robinson

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