You Had Your Baby, Are You Ready for a Date?


Rest assured when you have a "date" with a Doulas of asheville postpartum doula.

Doulas of Asheville's hand selected team of postpartum doulas take pride in being able to provide unbiased support and a compassionate, calming presence to families in the Asheville area as they recover from childbirth and learn to navigate life with their new baby. 

We work with any parenting style and compassionately care for you and your family. Not every baby is the same and not all parent's philosophies are the same. You can be confident that you are receiving unbiased support specific to your family's needs from your Doulas of Asheville postpartum doula.

Are you wondering "Should I hire a postpartum doula?"

Allow us to walk you through a "date" with a postpartum doula to help YOU determine if a postpartum doula is right for you and your family.  

Expert Newborn Care

The early days and months with newborns can be challenging. Inviting a postpartum doula to your postpartum team means you and your baby are expertly cared for. We also want you to care for your baby confidently, so your postpartum doula is there to navigate any uncertainties, answer any questions and facilitate new experiences with your newborn. Our postpartum doulas are experts in supporting you through this tender time.

Professional Feeding Support

Feeding time is an important part of bonding with your baby. Whether you decide on breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or a combination of both, your postpartum doula can walk you through all the tips, tricks and techniques that new parents need to master. If bottle feeding becomes challenging or breastfeeding makes you want to give up, your postpartum doula is there for you to help you push through the challenges while rebuilding your confidence.  

Someone to Keep You Right on Schedule

A postpartum doula is there to help you establish and maintain the feeding and sleep schedule that is right for your family. Having someone to keep you right on schedule will put you in control of your daily and nightly routines and help alleviate the stresses of early parenthood. 

We understand how important it is to have quality time with your loved ones as you bond with your baby. You will get the opportunity to do homework or activities with your other children, discuss your partner's day at work or catch that episode of your favorite show you haven't gotten around to watching while your baby is lovingly cared for. An evening with a postpartum doula means your baby is fed, freshly changed, bundled up and cared for while you connect with your family.

Dinner's Done

Your doula will prep meals for you throughout the day and make sure dinner gets started right on time. Good nutrition builds your strength up as you recover and you shouldn't be concerned with starting dinner while you're trying to bond with your baby. The whole family will appreciate coming home to a worry-free dinner time. 

Much Needed Sleep

You can finally get an uninterrupted night of quality sleep so you can wake up in the morning feeling like a whole new person. This might be the highlight of your entire week! Getting enough sleep can do wonders for your mood and a refreshed mom is a happy one. Breastfeeding moms, fear not! We can meet your needs too. Enjoy a few hours of sleep in a row several times throughout the night, your doula will quietly bring your baby to you for feedings and remain with your baby to soothe her in between- so you can truly rest. 


We know - you're thinking this sounds too good to be true! We assure you it's not. You work hard every day, but you don't have to do it alone. 

Allow Doulas of Asheville to instill calm and confidence in your newly expanded family. 

Our schedule is flexible to fit your specific needs. From a few days to several months, or 24 hour live-in care for up to five consecutive days, our team of professional and compassionate postpartum doulas has you covered.

Relax mom, you've earned it. 

Christine Robinson

Doulas of Asheville is western North Carolina's premier doula agency, providing birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and placenta specialists to Asheville families. We are proud to support any and all birthing choices, parenting styles. Our postpartum doulas are available to support families with new babies around the clock, from a few daytime shifts, to overnight newborn care, to 24-hour live-in support.