The "Doulas of Asheville" Difference

Top 3 Ways We're Not Your Average Doulas

World Doula Week is March 22-28 and our friends at Louisville Area Doulas are hosting a Blog Challenge. All week we'll be joining doulas from around the world in blogging about our work. Today's topic is what makes us different. 

We know that choosing the right doula for your family is a big decision and we’re happy to make your decision a little easier by offering the highest level of service. Here’s just a few things that make Doulas of Asheville unique:


When you hire Doulas of Asheville for birth support, you get two doulas on your team. That’s right! Two of your very own knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional doulas completely at your service throughout your pregnancy. We’re here for you 24/7 from the moment you hire us to answer every question and calm your concerns. Your two doulas will meet with you during your pregnancy, ensuring we understand exactly what you hope to achieve with your birth. Regardless of your goals, no matter what an “ideal” birth looks like to you, you can be confident that our only agenda is to work together to support you and what matters to you.

Your doulas then share an on-call calendar, the doula on call when you go into labor will be the doula by your side throughout your birth. No surprise “back-up” doula, no need to worry about whether the doula you hired will be the doula supporting your birth. We’re bringing partnership to the next level, ensuring our doulas are always rested and well-prepared to serve each of our clients.

Placenta Encapsulation In Your Home

More and more women are turning to encapsulation to improve their chances of having a smooth transition to the postpartum period. Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists are professionally trained to take your placenta and turn it into capsules you can consume, just like a daily multi-vitamin. In fact, we are the only Postpartum Placenta Specialists (a ProDoula designation) in Western North Carolina. We provide this service following the strictest standards available and perform it exclusively in your home.

We offer encapsulation in your home only for a few very important reasons:

1) You are always in possession of your own placenta, leaving no room for doubt that the pills you consume are from your own placenta;

2) Your placenta is only exposed to your own environment with no risk of cross contamination with another client's placenta or the unknown environment of your encapsulator’s home or workspace; 

3) You get the benefit of having a postpartum doula in your home for two consecutive days shortly following your birth. Won't it be nice to have a caring and compassionate expert to talk to about how things are going with your recovery and your newborn?!

Postpartum Care Around the Clock

We understand that every family’s postpartum needs are different. We are here to meet your needs whether for a few hours a day, overnight, some combination of days and nights, or a deluxe 24/7, five-day live-in package (yes - we really do that!). We are dedicated to working with you to find the perfect package that suits your family's needs, and will be as flexible as we need to be as your needs change over time.

Supporting You, Your Way.

We take our responsibility to provide unbiased, unwavering, and unconditional support very seriously. We trust that our clients know what's best for their families, we stick to supporting you in getting there. We are currently booking clients for placenta encapsulation (all dates), birth and postpartum doula clients in June and beyond.  

If you are looking for the best doulas in Asheville to support your birth and/or postpartum goals, we'd love to talk with you!

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Christine Robinson

Doulas of Asheville is western North Carolina's premier doula agency, providing birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and placenta specialists to Asheville families. We are proud to support any and all birthing choices, parenting styles. Our postpartum doulas are available to support families with new babies around the clock, from a few daytime shifts, to overnight newborn care, to 24-hour live-in support.