What Is A Placenta Salve?!


With the growing popularity of placenta encapsulation among celebrities, more and more people are becoming aware of the potential benefits and uses of the placenta.

But did you know there's more you can do with your placenta than ingest it? 

PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION is the process of transforming the organ that kept your baby healthy during pregnancy into a supplement you can consume like a daily vitamin. Our POSTPARTUM PLACENTA SPECIALISTS go to our clients' homes to safely and expertly perform this service, carefully cleaning, steaming, dehydrating, and then grinding your placenta into powder filled into capsules.

Long-lasting placenta tincture and herbal salve infused with placenta

Long-lasting placenta tincture and herbal salve infused with placenta

In addition to placenta encapsulation, we also offer two additional preparations to help you get the most out of your one and only placenta. PLACENTA TINCTURES are a long-lasting solution derived from your prepared placenta powder, and PLACENTA SALVES can be used topically on any skin irritation or minor wound to promote healing and comfort. 

So what's in a placenta salve??

Our POSTPARTUM PLACENTA SPECIALISTS create your salve while in your home on the second of the two consecutive days it takes to encapsulate your placenta. We use a base of organic oils and organic beeswax and infuse the oils with a blend of organic herbs and some of your prepared placenta powder. Once the oils have been infused with the herbs and placenta, we carefully strain the solids and place your salve in a 4oz tin. 

What Can A Placenta Salve Be Used For?

Your placenta salve can be used on most skin irritations or minor wounds, or just as a soothing balm as desired. Many clients find that it helps soothe a healing perineum or cesarean incision after birth and can be used on your baby's diaper area. 

Placenta Skin Care? Really??

Yes, really! Sheep placenta is actually an ingredient used in many expensive skin care products touting anti-aging and healing qualities. Placenta skin grafts are even being used now to treat complicated wounds. How cool is that?! 

We love being able to offer our clients a variety of safe ways to take advantage of the potential benefits of your placenta.

If you're thinking about what to do with your placenta, give us a call! We'd be happy to talk about our process, safety standards, protocols, and the potential risks and benefits of hiring someone to prepare your placenta into capsules, a tincture, or salve. 

We're Proud of Our Process

Doulas of Asheville is the only placenta encapsulation company in the Asheville area that follows the industry's highest standards for safe handling of your placenta and sanitizing our workspace and equipment:

We follow these safety standards because we care - and you deserve the very best

These strict processes and protocols for safe handling and transportation of your placenta are in place to eliminate all manageable risks (to you and to our specialists). Always maintaining possession of your placenta and having your placenta processed in your own home are the only ways to ensure your placenta hasn't been misplaced, mishandled, or contaminated by another person's placenta being processed at the same time or in the same place as your own. We are honored to be entrusted with your one and only placenta, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

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