Things Parents Say...


Do you remember when you first felt like a parent? Was it the first time you held your child? The first time they called for you by name?

Or maybe it was the first time you heard yourself say something like this...

"Did you put a Cheerio in your nose?" ~ Christine, mom of two boys

Dad: "Should we pull over and change him now? Mom: "No, it smells like a solid one." ~ toddler parents on a long road trip

"I need you to stop putting PlayDoh in your ears." ~ basically every parent that has ever purchased PlayDoh ;)

2.5yo (while on the potty): "Mommy, come!" Mommy (from the living room): "Do you need something, or do you just want me to see what animal your poop looks like?" ~ Jackie, mom of 2.5yo & 3mo

3yo: "I'm going downstairs now." Mom: "Please take the bag off your head first." ~ Mom to 3yo & 8mo

"Don't take your latke to the potty." ~ mom to 4yo obsessed with latkes (and every other form of fried potatoes)

3yo: "I see some of Daddy's hair in the potty." Mom: "That's, ok honey, you can pee on it." ~ Anonymous

"Please don't chase your cousin with the chainsaw." ~ Mom to 5yo & 3yo

"Stop running around the airport with your penis hanging out." ~ Mother of a 2.5yo on our three at the airport

"Don't you dare bite my butt." ~ Mom to a 3yo

"I'd like you to finish your french fries before you have a cookie." ~ Mom who previously swore her children would only ever eat homemade, unprocessed, organic food #ThenLifeHappened

You may have become a parent the moment you held your child in your arms, but you know you're a parent when you start sounding like one!

Have a "parenting-ism" of your own to share? We'd love to hear it! Feel free to comment here on the blog or on our social media posts :)

Christine Robinson

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