5 Reasons to Hire a Doula


So you've heard of doulas but aren't quite sure why you'd want to hire one...

Aren't they just for people planning a homebirth? (NOPE!) Doulas are like midwives, right? (Definitely not!!) We already had our baby(ies), so we missed our chance to hire a doula, right? (No way!)

Here are 5 reasons lots of people hire birth doulas for support during their birth or postpartum doulas to help with the adjustment to life with babies at home:


1. You know exactly what you want, and having a "right-hand-person" will help you put your plan into place.

If things go off your intended course (as they often do), we'll be right by your side helping you feel grounded and in control of your decision making as you chart a new one. We'll be there to take care of all the tasks you don't need to be bothered with, while you focus on the important work of bringing your baby into the world or adjusting to life at home with her.


2. You want to feel safe and secure during what can be an unpredictable, intense, and tender time for your family.

Having your doula with you is like having your sister/mother/best friend by your side... only with all the best training, experience, and knowledge to help you have a calm and supported birth or postpartum time (and none of the judgment). 


3. To have your own personal birth and newborn expert by your side - your very own birth, baby, and new parent BFF!

We're here to chat with you, laugh with you, wipe away your tears, or wrap you in a hug at just the right moment. You'll never feel alone with your doula on your team. We're always available to listen to you, process with you, or even just binge watch your favorite Netflix series while you work through cluster feedings or when your baby will only nap in your arms (or your doulas!).


4. You don't want to have to worry about remembering all the things from your birth prep or newborn care classes.

Your doula will be your own personal Google machine (and will know how to help you make informed decisions about your birth and early days with your baby that feel right for you.) She's familiar with all types of birth, knows all the newborn care tricks, and can help you stay grounded when you're feeling a little lost or unsure with an unfamiliar process. 


5. You want to be able to get some SLEEP after your baby is born!

Yup, you can even hire your postpartum doula to stay at your home overnight so that you and your partner can get some quality sleep. Parenting is hard, and trying to do it all on no sleep is even harder. It's never too early or too late to give us a call and book your overnight doula, one of our favorite things is seeing parents wake up after a night of restful, restorative sleep (we can even have a pot of coffee brewing for you!). You may have heard of a "night nanny" or "baby nurse" (who is typically not an actual nurse), Postpartum Doulas are so much more... some have even described us a Unicorn Rides ;)


Regardless of your birth goals or preferences and no matter your parenting style, your birth doula or postpartum doula is your personal confidant and guide. We are always here for you to help you make decisions that feel right for you and your family, without any bias or judgment about your choices. 


Christine Robinson

Doulas of Asheville is western North Carolina's premier doula agency, providing birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and placenta specialists to Asheville families. We are proud to support any and all birthing choices, parenting styles. Our postpartum doulas are available to support families with new babies around the clock, from a few daytime shifts, to overnight newborn care, to 24-hour live-in support.